Future Of Electric Three-Wheelers In The Country

Future of electric three wheeler in India

The future of electric three wheeler in India looks promising as they offer a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. According to industry experts, 3 wheeler commercial electric vehicles in India are proving to be a profitable choice for the masses be it for daily transportation or for cargo. Compared to their petrol or gas counterparts, which have a running cost of approximately Rs. 4 per km, the electric three wheeler have a running cost of approximately Rs. 0.92 per km. While electric cargo and passenger three wheelers are already being used in many cities for last-mile delivery services, and transportation - let's take a sneak peek into their future.

There’s no doubt that electric three wheeler will dominate global transportation in the near future. As India has started to adopt it, Amitabh Kant, the CEO of Niti Aayog, has proposed a phased transition to electric 3 wheeler beginning March 2023. However, what gives us the confidence to say that India's electric vehicle market has a bright future are the reasons:
  • Environmental Friendly: Climate change is a global issue that everyone’s looking into, but do you remember that Delhi recently went into a state of emergency as pollution levels spiked? With a huge number of private cars on the road, pollution levels rose to ten times the safe limit. This trend would continue if the dependency on gasoline transportation increases. Here comes in Altigreen with its commercial electric three wheeler. Since electric 3 wheeler from Altigreen uses no commercial energy such as gasoline or diesel, environmental pollution can eventually be managed more effectively, and by 2030 India can reduce its CO2 emissions by one gigatonne.
  • Cost Effective: According to a survey by Crisil Research, by 2024, it is possible that up to 43 %-48 % of the new electric 3 wheeler sold in India will be EVs. The government's hefty tax cuts have improved the outlook for electric vehicles in India. Electric vehicles have a promising future in India because of their low running and purchase prices. The electric cargo three wheeler price or passenger EVs can go down once it is sold in bulk. Because of the cheap maintenance costs, an electric cargo three wheeler delivers significant earnings.
  • Easy Charging: The difficulty to use commercial electric vehicles for long distances was one of the key problems that foretold a bleak future for them in India. Gas and diesel stations are plentiful, and EV charging stations are less frequent. This does not mean only gasoline vehicles are ideal for traveling far. The Indian government has launched tenders to build up permanent, pop-up, and mobile EV charging stations. Slowly they will increase in number eliminating the problem of charging. With easy charging the future of electric three wheeler in India is bright.
Beyond the ones specified above, there are umpteen reasons why the future of Commercial electric vehicles and passenger vehicles is stable and promising. With advanced and evolved EVs like Altigreen, India will see a revolutionized green future in transportation combating pollution.

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