Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality speaks

We create electric vehicle products that are carefully engineered, vigorously tested, and manufactured in a process-driven, value-based environment to delight our customers.

Our commitment

We shall achieve "Excellence in Quality" guided by the following principles:

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS : The needs of our customers dictate the products we make.
  • PROCESS ORIENTED : We believe in the "build-it-right-the-first-time" approach.
  • CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT : We strive to add value and take pride in our daily work.
  • PEOPLE ORIENTED : We encourage open communication, approachability and skill development.

Altigreen's Quality Policy

Altigreen has vowed to design perfectly engineered, high quality eco-friendly products in a process driven and value-based ecosystem.

Our motto is to create an environment that is healthy and free from vehicular emission and to enable those who want to make a shift to eco-friendly modes of transport, to do so smoothly. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us.

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