Production & Supply Chain

Production & Supply Chain


Production at Altigreen

Altigreen's three-lakh sq ft plant and warehouse facility, with an annual capacity of 55,000 vehicles, is built on the concept of lean and agile manufacturing. Production can be quickly ramped up in response to higher demand. Promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality, Altigreen’s electronics assembly is entirely done by a female workforce. Operations safety is given absolute priority while incorporating automation.

Altigreen is an advanced, high-performing, electric last-mile 3-wheeler made for Indian terrains. Designed with high-quality features and advanced technology, it is sturdy,safe and comfortable. Most significantly, it’s much more profitable in terms of running costs and maintenance, making for an increased savings of Rs 4 per km for the user.

Seamless supply chain operation

An efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) is critical to any manufacturing business. Altigreen’s SCM strategies have been derived from the best practices in the industry, and carefully developed and implemented by a team of experts. The supply chain operation lays special focus on strategic alliances, indigenization, total cost of ownership, and quality control systems. Technology is used to achieve the desired quality, cost and delivery (QCD) standards, while our procurement policy is product-lifecycle based.

The Lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery packs are capable of operations at high temperatures and can withstand all environmental conditions. Additionally, the lithium-ion batteries are tested for 30g shocks, dust, and water ingress.

Altigreen’s seamless supply chain operation
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