How Altigreen EVs are versatile in usage

Electric Vehicles are the future. The shift toward new age travel has already begun. EVs are here to stay and win the race against the ICE run vehicles. Innovative technology, a good performance, dramatically reduced emissions and low running costs are the attractive features of the Altigreen EVs.

Rapid urbanization and the advent of smart cities had increased the demand for better and easier commuting options, along with a growing awareness about pollution control, climate change and the need for sustainable solutions. Keeping all this in mind, the Altigreen three-wheeler EVs fit into being one of the most versatile last mile transport solutions available today.
  • Versatile application After 10 years of R&D Altigreen unveiled one of the most evolved and functional electric three-wheeler cargo on the Indian roads today. The two Altigree EV variants namely the HDX and LR are perfect for intra-city transportation for e-com industries and their products. Apart from the use of Altigreen EVs to carry groceries, perishable goods, and deliver other essentials, the two variants can be used in versatile ways to transport other goods like medicines, catering services, gas cylinder deliveries, consumer appliances, bakeries, poultry industry, and even for waste management etc.
  • Built for Indian roads: With an independent suspension and a 220mm ground clearance - which beats a few four wheelers in the LCV segment - Altigreen EVs can carry heavy loads and can easily cruise though rough, rugged patches and bad road conditions in the semi urban and rural areas. Built with 18% gradeability, climbing up the tougher hilly terrains is a smooth ride. In comparison to other commercial vehicles Altigreen EVs touch a speed of 53 kms per hour without any fuss. The 810 Nm torque on wheels propels the EV further faster. Built for Indian road conditions Altigreen EVs can battle unpredictable weather conditions, be it monsoons or any other adverse waterlogged conditions. Its IP67 technology encases the motor, making it resilient, safe and dry in all conditions. The Altigreen EVs can cover a distance of 151 kms on a full charge. This means that last mile deliveries to the remotest areas of the country can be done without any hassle or range anxiety.
  • Value for money: Altigreen’s three-wheeler cargo vehicles are a smarter choice mainly because of the considerable difference in the running cost. With the running cost as low as 0.92 paise per km, the Altigreen NeEV is a boon for businesses and can reduce as much as 54% of your logistics cost compared to a diesel run three wheeler cargo. This can translate into more savings than with use of diesel and CNG cargo three wheelers and a lifetime saving of over Rs.10 lakhs.
  • High Load capacity : Altigreen EVs are the perfect solution for the last mile delivery and have 20% more space for cargo as compared to other EVs in the market. Altigreen’s High deck variant has a spacious 177 cu ft (5 cu mts) container, designed with a payload capacity of up to 550 kgs.
  • Easy ride : The Altigreen Evs offer a noise free and fatigueless driving experience. With a dual suspension and the best in class ground clearance of 220 mm, the Altigreen vehicles are perfect for driving though any road conditions ensuring a smooth drive. These electric three-wheeler cargo vehicles have a top speed of 53 kmph. The compact size allows for easy maneuvering in narrow and congested streets.
  • Environment friendly: A greener future lies in the usage of EVs. And Altigreen EVs provide efficient, cost effective running and along with making these last mile vehicles one of the greenest solutions for a pollution free tomorrow.
Altigreen EV drives away as the most versatile electric three-wheeler for last mile transportation. With larger cargo carrying capacity, one can transport more to earn more. They offer lesser carbon footprints, less emissions thus reducing the pollution drastically which leads us to a better , greener and a healthier world.

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