The maths that makes an ev score

Electric vehicles are rapidly emerging as a viable alternative to pollution-contributing fossil fuel vehicles. The main reason is the savings EV facilitates vis a vis CNG and diesel that can go up to Rs 10 Lakh in a lifetime for the user. Then the harm done to the environment is irreversible so much so that various studies state that globally about 12% of greenhouse gas emissions are contributed by private vehicles and 22% is the contribution of the transport sector. Considering the rate of adoption of EVs, light-duty vehicles like the electric cargos will make up 50% of sales by 2026 and 100% by 2028.

When compared to conventional vehicles it is noticed that electric cargo vehicles do not just offer environmental benefits but they offer substantial economic benefits that lead to potential savings. Here’s how:
EVs are feasible: Governments and other institutions are offering multiple incentives and rebates to promote the transition. Buying or leasing an EV, like say an electric 3-wheeler tempo can save you taxes, registration fees, and road tax as well.

Low Running Costs: Operating an electric cargo can increase your savings. For instance, let us compare the operating cost of an alternative fuel vehicle to an EV like Altigreen, a superior product of an electric vehicle company in India. A km on an alternative fuel vehicle can cost you from Rs. 3.20 to Rs.4.40, whereas on Altigreen, it can cost you as low as Rs. 0.92, which translates to a lifetime saving of Rs.10L.

Evs Are Low on Maintenance: An ICE engine has as many as 2000 components, whereas an EV powertrain runs on fewer than 20. This can be stated as the prime reason for the lower maintenance cost of EVs. A 3-wheeler cargo EV will require no fluid change, tune-ups, no gearbox maintenance, and fewer brake repairs. Though they are low on maintenance, EV manufacturers like Altigreen, recommend regular checkups and service schedules that will keep your vehicles in top running conditions. Experts at Altigreen also advise getting these services done from authorized dealers only.

Better Range: Range anxiety is the biggest hurdle in the adoption of EVs. This anxiety can be put to rest now. EVs throughout the world are trying to increase their ranges. Altigreen’s electric 3-wheeler cargo vehicles for instance can travel up to 151 km on a single charge. In fact recently they have unveiled models that charge from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes- the fastest charge in the world. Traveling more on a single charge means more deliveries in a shorter time span. Moreover, the high 177 cu ft container of Altigreen EVs allows a gross vehicle weight of 950 kgs, without affecting the range.Apart from the above, there are many more benefits of an EV. But whichever way you calculate the math always tips the scale in favor of EVs. With the passing of time, more development, and more research are making EVs more and more feasible. So in all with an electric load auto, you can carry more, deliver more, save more, and earn more.

How the math works in favor of Electric Vehicles
  • Assured saving of Rs 250 a day or Rs 7500 a month or Rs 10 Lakh in a lifetime, because of EV running costs of Rs 0.92/ km compared to the Rs 3-4/ km of diesel and CNG.
  • Compared to a fossil fuel vehicle an EV comes with an extra EMI of Rs. 1000/- per month. But it also gives an increased income of Rs 7500/- per month which means, you still make a profit of Rs 6500/- more per month with an EV that you will eventually own.
  • Low maintenance cost as EVs have 18 movable parts as compared to over 2000 of ICE vehicles.
  • No headache of changing oil, filter etc.
  • Smooth running – no shifting of gears. Longer life of vehicle.
  • More load capacity- more deliveries.
  • Easy EMI offers and government subsidy.
  • 6 years warranty/120,000 km (as offered by Altigreen)

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