What are the safety features available in altigreen NEEV 3-wheeler electic cargo

The safety of an electric three wheeled cargo vehicle depends on several factors such as the design of the vehicle, the quality of its components and the conditions in which it is used. Keeping all of this in mind Altigreen electric cargos can be rated as one of the most efficient, cost effective, environment friendly and surely the safest choice in last-mile transportation amongst 3-wheeler vehicles for commercial use.

Altigreen's mobility platforms, built on 100% indigenous technology, have been designed specifically keeping safety on Indian road conditions in mind. At Altigreen, engineering dives deep into research and development. The result is a gamut of well-tested, practical, useful, and safe features devised by the in-house technology. A key feature of the Altigreen three wheeler cargo includes sturdy frame construction.
  • Independent Suspension: After years of R&D Atligreen is one of the safest electric three-wheeler cargos on the Indian roads today. With an independent suspension and a good ground clearance of. 220mm, the three-wheeler EVs are capable of safely carrying heavy loads though all road and weather conditions. The Altigreen neEV 3-wheeler cargo vehicle has a dual front suspension that provides stability and better handling of rough terrain. The independent rear suspension with helical springs enhances the overall ride quality and helps absorb the shocks in bad road conditions.
  • All electrical components are waterproof: Waterproof electrical components ensure reliable performance, even in wet conditions. The Lithium-ion LiFePO 4 (LFP) battery packs are capable of operations at high temperatures and suitable for Indian environmental conditions. Altigreen’s LFP batteries are tested for 30G shocks on all 3-axes, and dust and water ingress.
  • 12-inch 8 ply tubeless radial tyres and front disc brakes: Having 12-inch 8 ply tubeless radial tyres and front disc brakes are also great safety features for a vehicle. The large, tubeless radial tires provide better traction and stability, especially on wet or slippery surfaces. The Altigreen electric cargos also have a higher load capacity, allowing for a safer and more comfortable ride. The 8 ply construction also helps the tires resist punctures and damage from rough roads. Front disc brakes provide improved braking performance and responsiveness giving the driver better control and stopping power when needed. This is especially important in emergency situations where quick and reliable braking is critical.
  • Fatigueless drive : Driving exhaustion and fatigue are common complaints which can prove to have fatal and unwarranted results at times. In the Altigreen neEV, there is no clutch, and no need to constantly shift gears. The drive is fatigueless and smooth which translates into a safety of the driver.
Altigreen provides electric vehicles that are the backbone of the users' livelihood. Safety of the vehicle translates into the safety for the user. These safety features work together to enhance the overall safety of the vehicle, making it a safer and more secure option for drivers/ owners.

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