What Model to Choose for Electric Cargo Vehicle in India

EVs are growing in popularity in India. The total number of electric vehicles on Indian roads is expected to touch 5 crores by 2030. The electric 3-wheeler segment alone is likely to grow by 90-95% by 2030. While choosing any vehicle it is imperative to keep all the logistics in mind. The kind of roads, the weather, the purpose, payload capacity, and of course the range. Here’s how you can choose the appropriate model for electric cargo vehicle in India.

As the EV market is emerging, the electric 3 wheeler segment is showing greater transition trends. electric 3 wheeler, like Altigreen are rolling out electric loading vehicle that are conducive to Indian environments and roads. The neEV is modeled keeping in mind the differentiated needs of emerging markets. While choosing an electric loading vehicle in India it is important to keep the following pointers in mind:
  • Road conditions: Not to generalize in the least, but Indian roads are nothing to be proud of. The poor conditions of the road, need a model of electric cargo vehicle that can mitigate these roads smoothly. For example, Altigreen’s NeEV has a ground clearance of 220mm, which makes it possible for the electric tempo to navigate through all road conditions effortlessly.
  • Weather conditions: The monsoons can be a real dampener for last-mile delivery vehicles. Water-clogging and pot-holes are common features during monsoons. The high ground clearance of EVs like Altigreen’s NeEV makes it possible for this electric cargo vehicle to make its deliveries on time. Moreover, the IP67 technology encasing the motor keeps the motor dry in all conditions. This also enables the vehicle to battle all kinds of waterlogging and monsoon floods.
  • Customer and market dynamics: While choosing the right model of electric loading vehicle in India it is important to carefully study the user and market dynamics. Market dynamics are shifting from tonnage to volumetric capacity. Also, most fleet owners give in to the overloading of their vehicles. Altigreen’s high deck offers 20% more space than most battery load auto. The spacious 177 cu ft. container can lug a gross weight of 950 kg, allowing delivery partners to carry more and deliver more.
  • Nature of traffic: Each city has its own traffic pattern. Typically, most metros are congested and have heterogeneous traffic. To add to it if they have narrow streets then door-step deliveries become an issue. Commercial electric vehicles in India like the NeEV have a smaller radius and are compact built. This makes maneuvering easy. Moreover, the 180 nm torque makes the ride smooth even if traffic or other hindrances call for consistent braking.
Knowing what to expect from your vehicle each day will help in zeroing down on the right model for an electric cargo vehicle. An ideal delivery vehicle will have large storage space, good pickup, quick charging, and a good enough ground clearance. Altigreen’s neEv seems to tick all the boxes that are necessary for an ideal model of last-mile delivery electric cargo vehicles.


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