Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers the future of cargo transportation

Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers the future of cargo transportation

The best way to predict the future is to build it.

This one motto underlies the manufacture of Altigreen’s super-advanced electric 3 wheeler — the future of cargo transportation that we are painstakingly creating, model for model, mile by mile.

As the commercial electric Vehicle & cargo market expands by the day, Altigreen is the electric vehicle company in India needs and deserves: state of the art production and expansion facilities in Bengaluru bringing out top-notch models that are not just made in India, but also made for India—as well as the world!

First up, let’s look at the cargo market and mode in India. Roads are the dominant mode of transportation in the country and bear the weight of over 60 percent of freight cargo (products and goods moved over lang via truck, vans, and trains), and 85 percent of passenger traffic.

With the emphasis on safer, cheaper, and punctual transport given India’s burgeoning trade, industry and import-export sectors, the electric cargo vehicle used for the same need to be future forward, reliable and easy to run and maintain. Happily, our electric cargo vehicles are all this and more.

Here’s why.

Convenient, cheaper, quieter.

With conventional fossil fuels fast getting depleted, to say nothing about global concerns on Co2 emissions, climate change and pollution, electric commercial vehicles in an important segment like cargo means that much less pollution. What’s more, electricity is cheaper and the drive is much more comfortable and quiet. Since only a few sections need to be lubricated, the engine has far fewer spinning parts and fluids. Naturally, it is way easier to maintain.

A fillip to the Indian economy

Over the next decade, manufacturing and transportation will be major contributors to the Indian growth story. With EVs ruling the road, we can reduce oil imports by $60 billion by 2030. Since imports comprise as much as 82 per cent of India’s oil requirement, just imagine how much lighter we would be on our feet if we lost this burden!

Efficiency that doesn’t shout

The comparison between the engines of a regular CNG/petrol-run car and an EVs engine further tilt the balance in Altigreen’s favour. As of now, the most efficient combustion engines run at an efficiency rate of 40 per cent; the rest is consumed by heat and friction. In sharp contrast, an electric motor enjoys a whopping efficiency rate of 90 per cent—which simply means it uses the battery’s energy far more efficiently.

Sure, the downtime on charging the vehicle does need to be considered, but that’s not a conversation we are shying away from!

After all, time is money and very literally so, in the world of cargo.

Return on investment per charge: pretty good and getting better.

Even as the debate on whether fast charging is a need or a luxury hots up, here’s exciting news: Altigreen has tied up with Exponent Energy and is looking to introduce an commercial electric 3 wheeler that can be charged in under 15 minutes.

Still, we must point out here that not all transporters have such a need for speed; there is a difference between case to case. Most of our vehicles are B2B applications charged at the hubs itself—and some at home--without a hitch. Our electric vehicles can deliver between 100 to 120 km per charge in city drive conditions—and improving!

Sure enough, the future of cargo is electrifying and exciting—and Altigreen’s EV three-seaters are in the driver’s seat!

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