Altigreen neEV TEZ: The Revolutionary Electric 3 Wheeler that India needs

Altigreen neEV TEZ: The Revolutionary Electric 3 Wheeler that India needs

The electric three wheeler cargo vehicles in India are all set to take over more than 30% of three wheeler sales by 2025. The Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) predicts that commercial electric 3 wheeler will be leaders of the transition as these vehicles carry more load, travel shorter distances, and can comfortably work on  a day’s charge. The primary drawback in this growth trajectory is the downtime of the vehicle while it charges. Keeping this hurdle in mind, Altigreen, an electric vehicle start-up in Bangalore unveiled neEV Tez, the world’s fastest charging electric three wheeler cargo vehicle. 

After the pandemic the e-commerce sector witnessed a major change with more and more people adopting online shopping. This has led to an ever increasing demand for efficient last-mile delivery systems. Electric 3 wheelers are the preferred choice as 4-wheeler delivery vehicles are expensive and difficult to navigate. Moreover, apart from being eco-friendly, battery load autos offer lower operating and maintenance cost as compared to their ICE counterparts. 

Long charging hours, translating to longer downtime is perhaps a major hurdle in the transition from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles. Altigreen’s neEV Tez is India’s answer to the pain point of long hours of charging. The path braking invention from Altigreen Propulsion Labs charges from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes.

What makes the Atigreen neEV Tez the perfect choice? Let us see:


With these electric three wheeler cargo vehicles one can save up to RS. 10 lakhs during a lifetime. Moreover, using the commercial electric 3 wheeler  can result in a reduction of 54% in logistics cost. The company offers a vehicle warranty of 5 years/1 lakh kilometers and a battery warranty of 1.5 lakh kilometers.

Optimum performance:

With all electric vehicles the range on a single charge is the one of the first factors to consider. neEV Tez, one of the best three wheeler electric cargo in India offers a top speed of 53 kmph, and a range of 98 km on a single charge (as certified by the ARAI). India is the land of heterogeneous traffic. Most driving on Indian roads is accelerate, brake, accelerate, and repeat. The electric load offers a peak torque of 810 Nm, making it very easy for the vehicle to pick up speed after braking, despite the amount of load it is carrying. The commercial electric 3 wheeler vehicle is enabled with a super-efficient liquid cool battery pack that boosts the performance and life of the battery. 

Easy navigation

The condition of Indian roads is not up to the mark as we all know it. Apart from heterogeneous traffic, the roads have pot-holes, or can be water-logged. The neEV Tez  has a high ground clearance of 220 mm, making it easy for the driver to navigate in all kinds of terrains and weather conditions.  

Seamless driving experience: 

The dual front and independent rear suspension, high-speed clutchless drive, ergonomics controls and comfortable design all work in perfect synchronization to offer a seamless and non-tiring driving experience.  

Quick charging:

More the down time for an electric 3 wheeler, more the loss of business opportunities. Earlier, long charging hours would eat into the business of the electric cargo vehicles. But not anymore. The neEV Tez, empowered with a battery capacity of 8.2KWh, charges from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes. Moreover, the 100+ charging network makes it possible to reach a point of charge easily. 

 Apart from the above advantages, the neEV Tez has a design and technical specifications that are in accordance with the Indian environment, roads, and mentality, which makes the electric 3 wheeler cargo vehicle perfect for Indian last-mile delivery needs.



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