Specifications that make Altigreen neEV your best choice

Specifications that make Altigreen neEV your best choice

With the green wave catching steam, there is a plethora of green vehicles to choose from. And perhaps the one name that surfaces as the most popular electric three wheeler company in india is Altigreen. The electric cargo offers seamless experiences due to their endless specifications. Let us look at the specifications that make Altigreen neEV the best choice for last-mile transportation.

The Altigreen neEvs are built using state-of-the art technology, designed specifically keeping Indian roads and weather conditions in mind. The electric cargo vehicles are available in two major variants, High Deck and Low Deck. Specifications for the electric cargos can be broadly divided into parameters of performance and components,

  • Battery: As we are all aware the battery is a crucial component of every EV and a healthy battery delivering optimal performance, the USP. The Battery management system (BMS) of an Altigreen electric auto promises a longer battery life, energy stability and early detection of possible issues with the vehicle. Moreover, the IP67 rated lithium-ion LiFePO4 battery is tested for 30G on all three axes. The 11kWh battery promises a 151 km range on a single charge.  
  • Vehicle management system: Altigreen’s electric three wheeler is enabled with superior telematics and vehicle management system. The apps analyze and report real-time drive data, that is optimized to work even on low bandwidth networks. Moreover, the AI/ML methods employed improve vehicle efficiency, predict potential failures and build futuristics ADAS systems.
  • Drivetrain: This electric vehicle’s drivetrain has been designed to deliver optimal operational capability. The embedded software stacks in the motor and vehicle controller units recalibrate the electric motor outputs to maximize performance.  
  • Motor: The electric three wheeler has a powerful 3-phase 8.25 kW motor, that spins at 10,000 RPM. Moreover, it produces a torque of 810Nm on wheels and at a top speed of 53 kmph, that helps the electric 3-wheeler traverse hilly areas and upward slopes easily. Additionally, the 3-phase output currents are established by controlling the torque by indirectly controlling the quadrature and direct axis currents in an inner control loop.  
  • Gearbox: The gearbox of the electric cargo vehicles has an optimized gear tooth micro-geometry that uses the Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA) technology that ensures long life of the drivetrain. Additionally, the gearbox can handle a full range of operations and efficiently transfers torque and power to the wheels.

The 8 or 12 inch radial tyres offer ground clearance of 220 mm, that makes it possible for the Altigreen neEV to easily navigate all kinds of roads and terrain. The electric cargo accommodates the Indian mindset of overloading too. With a payload of GVW of 950 k, the spacious 177 cu ft container offers 20% more space.

The configurations and specifications of the Altigreen neEV make rides extra smooth and fatigue free for drivers. Added advantages of low operating and servicing costs, faster battery charging, and environment friendliness makes Altigreen the best choice for last mile transportation in India.  




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