Why CNG And Diesel Aren’t An Option Anymore?

Why CNG And Diesel Aren’t An Option Anymore?

The world is about to witness some electrifying changes in the coming years! Apart from being pollution free, there are numerous other reasons and benefits as to why going electric for your transportation needs is the only way ahead. Electric vehicle company in India are steadily replacing the conventional ICE vehicles across the globe. Studies reveal that the EV market will grow by 21.7% from 2022 to 2030.

ICE vehicles still make up for a large size of the vehicular traffic on the roads today. But the numbers are only decreasing as more and more people see the convenience of switching over to EVs. Electric cargo vehicles have a big advantage over the conventional CNG and ICE vehicles as they have no tailpipe emissions and thus are environment friendly. 

Cost Effective: Last few years have seen a drastic hike in the petrol and diesel prices, due to depleting fossil fuel reserves.  This has also resulted in a hike of transport costs that is pushing commuters to look for cheaper mobility solutions.  Although the upfront buying cost is higher than the conventional ICE vehicles, the consumers are now looking at the long-term savings and benefits of buying/running an EV. 

An EV requires cheaper fuel (electricity) and is low on maintenance costs which contributes to huge savings in daily operations. EVs do not require fluid change, tune-ups or gear box maintenance and also have fewer brake repairs, thus bringing down the running costs by a huge margin. 

Tax Benefits: In order to fulfil its commitments to the Paris Climate Accord, the Indian government has pushed a number of incentives to the EV buyers/consumers. This includes a reduction in the GST as well as subsidy grants to the consumer. Most of the Indian states also waive off the road tax too to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Green future: ICE vehicles release poisonous gases to the atmosphere, which causes damage to the ozone layer and increases atmospheric temperature, leading to global warming. Road transport alone is responsible for about 45.1% of greenhouse emissions, globally. Governments and institutions all across the globe are looking for various solutions to achieve a sustainable balance. The evolution to EVs from burning fossil fuel for transportation to going electric will result in a greener and safer future.

Gas and diesel-run vehicles are becoming a thing of the past. The transition to electric vehicles is inevitable - and, with an EV at disposal, you can save more and drive more The way into the future is electric! Are you ready to make the switch?

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