How to use a charger

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How to safeguard the charger

  • The wire used for the main socket should be more than 2.5 sq mm, this is applicable even for extension boards.
  • Proper earthing should be given to the socket. Check that voltage between Phase to Neutral is around 230V (+/- 15V), Phase to Earth is around 230V (+/- 15V), and Neutral to Earth around 2V.
  • Use MCB in each 16A socket for safety. Preferably use an RCCB type circuit to detect earth leakage.

Tips for the charger

  • Protect the charger and socket from water by preferably having a roof over it and ensuring proper flooring in the charging station.

Storage for the charger

  • A charger can be placed in the chassis of the vehicle to protect it from dust and water entering. Don’t keep it in mud, dust, or water.

How to charge the battery

  • There should be a 16A socket in the charging location to charge the battery.
  • Before inserting the plug of the charger into the main socket, please ensure the switch is in off mode.
  • While connecting the charger with the vehicle, you will hear a relay sound (similar to a switch on/off sound) even when the vehicle is off.
  • After the socket is switched on, the charger starts to work, and two green lights (Power & Alert light) start to glow. After a few seconds, the power light glows continuously, and the alert light starts to blink, indicating that the charging of the vehicle is in process. If the charger is found non-functional, please inform Altigreen service as soon as possible. We strictly advise you not to try to use the charger until the service person attends to the issue.
  • While removing the charger, first turn off the switch on the socket.
  • Always follow the safety instructions given above.

We recommend:

  • The use of genuine/recognized company sockets and other electrical parts can help with any type of electrical leakages.
  • Do not plug the charger directly into bare wires. Burning or changing the plug will render the warranty of the charger void.
  • Only Altigreen-supplied chargers should be used for charging. Using chargers from other makers may damage the vehicle battery and render the charger and vehicle warranty void.
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