Warranty Policy
Altigreen Battery / Prana 11.a


Altigreen Battery – Prana 11.a

Altigreen Propulsion Labs Private Limited (hereinafter called “ALTIGREEN”) warrants thateach new ALTIGREEN Prana 11.a battery installed in ALTIGREEN vehicle and sold inIndia will be free from any manufacturing defect in material and workmanship.
  • Qualification:

    To qualify for this warranty:
    • The ALTIGREEN vehicle must be sold, maintained and serviced only by ALTIGREEN or an ALTIGREEN authorized dealer/ service center.
    • The warranty registration card in respect of each vehicle and battery must be completed by the seller at the time of sale of the vehicle and copy of registration card shall be provided to ALTIGREEN.
    Any non-compliance with the above shall render the warranty void.
  • Term:

    • The term of the warranty shall be 36 months or 1,100 cumulative full cycles ( “Warranty Period”) (whichever occurs first) from the date of delivery to the first owner.
    • Vehicle, if shipped to a dealer, is required to be delivered to the customer within three (3) months from the date of shipment by ALTIGREEN.
  • Life of Battery and Range of Vehicle

    The traction batteries used in electric vehicles, like any other batteries, gradually decline in capacity over time and with use. This is a standard and expected phenomenon; it is not a cause of concern. Further, range of any electric vehicle is not only dependent on the remaining capacity of the traction battery but also on the efficiency of the drive train system, as well as on a number of other factors like environmental conditions, road conditions, traffic density, driving style, vehicle load, vehicle condition and many more. The battery is warranted to retain a capacity of at least 70% (“Warranted Capacity”) of the original capacity during the Warranty Period.
  • ALTIGREEN’s Warranty Obligation:

    If any manufacturing defect should be found in the battery during the Warranty Period, ALTIGREEN’s only obligation is to repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any part found to be defective with a new part or the equivalent, at no cost to the owner for parts. This shall be done only when ALTIGREEN acknowledges that such manufacturing defect is attributable to faulty material or workmanship. Warranty on the affected part(s) shall be co-terminus with the Warranty Period. Any consequential or incidental damages, injury or loss of use of vehicle or battery shall not be covered under this warranty. The right to determine whether a battery needs rectification or replacement rest with ALTIGREEN. The owner is responsible for any repairs or replacements that are not covered by this warranty. If, during the Warranty Period, the capacity of the battery falls below the Warranted Capacity, ALTIGREEN shall at its sole discretion repair or replace the battery or parts thereof such that the battery is able to perform to the Warranted Capacity.
  • Limitation:

    This warranty shall not apply to:
    • Battery installed on a vehicle which has been used for competition, racing or off- roading.
    • Any repair or replacement required as a result of accidents or collision.
    • Defect or damage caused by misuse, negligence, abnormal use, insufficient care, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, overheating, freezing, abuse by the continued use of battery after a fault has become evident, or lack of timely servicing.
    • Battery which has been modified or altered or is installed on a vehicle which has been modified or altered including, without limitation, the installation of performance accessories, tapping / cutting of any wire harness, etc.
    • Battery installed on a vehicle on which parts or accessories not approved by ALTIGREEN have been used.
    • Battery installed on a vehicle, which has not been operated in accordance with the operating instructions in the User Manual.
    • Battery installed on a vehicle, which has not received, during the Warranty Period, the timely service inspections listed in the User Manual.
    • Battery of which any part has been assembled, disassembled, opened, adjusted or repaired, replaced or removed from the original vehicle on which it was installed, by other than an ALTIGREEN authorized service station/dealer.
    • Battery installed on a vehicle that has been abused, neglected, or improperly maintained, and that such abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance was the direct cause of the need for the repair or replacement of the part or battery.
    • Battery installed on a vehicle, which has been used for any illegal activity or for purposes other than what it was designed for.
    • Damage or defect caused to any component or part of battery installed on a vehicle by lack of maintenance as specified in the Warranty Policy and Maintenance Service Record.
    • Decline in battery capacity so long as it does not fall below the Warranted Capacity.
    • Deterioration of any component or part of battery installed on a vehicle, such as discolouration, alteration or deformation of parts due to normal ageing.
    • Insignificant defects that do not affect the function of the battery including, without limitation, aesthetics, sound, vibration, fluid seep through connector on battery, etc.
    • Normal wear and tear including without limitation, aging, scratches, dents, tears, soiling, etc.
    • Defects caused by vandalism, riots, terrorism, intrusion of animals/ insects, fire or by natural calamities including, but not limited to, waterlogging, floods, earthquakes, typhoons or any other act of God.
    • Any component or part of a battery installed on a vehicle and its failure caused by the misuse, fault or inexperience of the user of the vehicle or through improper use of the vehicle (overloading, towing a trailer or other vehicle that exceeds the maximum permitted towing load of the vehicle etc.) or any other abnormal use.
    • Normal service/ maintenance activities including, but not limited to, tightening/ adjustment of fasteners.
    • Battery installed on a vehicle, which has been used outside the geographical boundaries of India.
    • Any damage or loss to components that are not directly covered within the terms of this warranty.

  • Extent of Warranty:

    This warranty is the entire written warranty given by ALTIGREEN for the battery installed on vehicle and no dealer or agent or employee is authorized to amend, extend or enlarge this warranty and no dealer or agent or employee is authorized to make any additional oral or written warranty for and on behalf of ALTIGREEN. ALTIGREEN reserves the right to add any improvements or change the design of any battery, vehicle, vehicle parts and drive train system at any time with no obligation to make the same changes on units previously sold.
  • Warranty Service:

    To obtain warranty service, vehicle must be presented at the owner’s expense to any ALTIGREEN authorized service center/dealer.
  • Owner’s Warranty Responsibilities:

    The owner of the vehicle is required to comply with the following, in order to keep the Warranty valid:
    • Make certain that the warranty registration card was registered at the time of sale of the vehicle.
    • Comply with instructions given in the User Manual and the Warranty Policy.
    • Get the battery/ vehicle serviced/ inspected at his own expense, by an ALTIGREEN authorized service center/dealer, as per the User Manual and maintain adequate proof of “Maintenance Service Record” page in the User Manual substantiating that such service inspections have been performed as per given service intervals specified.
    • Present the vehicle User Manual to the ALTIGREEN authorized service center/dealer whenever requesting service inspections or warranty service.
    • Present the battery and vehicle in which it has been installed to the ALTIGREEN authorized service center/dealer within the Warranty Period.
    • Only use original spare parts recommended by ALTIGREEN.
    • In case of any concern/ issues with the battery installed on a vehicle, the vehicle owner shall first contact ALTIGREEN authorized dealer/ service center.
    • Follow safety instructions provided by ALTIGREEN.
    • Not allow any tampering/ unauthorized modification in configuration, settings or components of battery/ vehicle/ drive train system fitted in the vehicle.
    • Not allow any use of unauthorized components in the battery/ vehicle.
    • Not allow any unauthorized person to make any changes, adjustment or repair on the battery/ vehicle.
    • Not overload the vehicle beyond the weight specified.
    • On receipt of intimation from the ALTIGREEN authorized dealer/ service center, the vehicle owner shall make the vehicle available for periodic fitness and performance check.
    Any non-compliance of the aforesaid condition shall render the automatic extinguishment of the right of the owner to claim warranty.
    Further, warranty on the traction battery shall be void if:-
    • Battery has been connected, disconnected or opened by anyone other than an ALTIGREEN authorized service personnel/dealer/service centre.
    • Battery has been damaged or tampered with in any way.
    • Correct charging procedure has not been followed.
    • Battery has been charged using a charger not approved by ALTIGREEN.
    • Battery / vehicle has been continuously kept in temperature below minus 10 deg C or above 45 deg C for more than 3 days.
    • Battery has been left at State of Charge less than 5% for more than 7 days.
    • Battery has not been charged to 100% at least once in 7 days.
  • Disclaimer of Consequential Damage:

    ALTIGREEN shall not be responsible or liable in any manner for loss of vehicle, loss of time, injury, inconvenience or any other indirect, incidental or consequential damage resulting from the vehicle not being available to the owner because of any defect covered by this warranty.
  • Change of Owner

    If ownership of the vehicle changes, the remaining warranty period is effective for the new owner provided the new owner signs the “Customer Agreement on Purchase of Vehicle” and registers his contact details with ALTIGREEN within 7 days of taking possession of the vehicle. The warranty terms, for the remaining Warranty Period, shall remain the same as applicable to the first owner of the vehicle.
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