Our customers share their experiences about owning an Altigreen EV

Prasuna, Proprietor of Green Zest Tech Solutions, says, "I was completely satisfied after test driving the Altigreen EV and placed an order without wasting any time. The best features of the Altigreen EV are its braking system, mileage and excellent service support."

According to Devraj, Cluster Manager at Moeving, "I am using 15 Altigreen vehicles every day and I am saving a good amount of money as compared to diesel vehicles. I am also happy that Altigreen vehicles are pollution free."

Bharath, a small business owner in a village near Hyderabad says, “Since September last year when I purchased my Altigreen till now, I have had no problems with the vehicle. On an average, we load 600 to 800 kgs and it goes up to 110 to 220 km on a single charge. I am happy with the vehicle’s performance and save around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000 on fuel. I have booked two more Altigreen electric vehicles.”

Rahul  a vendor from Bhopal says, “When I used to drive a diesel vehicle, there were many complications, and the expenses were also very high. It would cost me an extra Rs. 300 to Rs.400 one-way for the transportation of the goods to my shop. But now, I can not only save that amount but can also travel 50 kms to 80 kms from morning to evening at a much lower cost. If I charge my EV once, it lasts me somewhere around 3 days. I am very happy with the AltigreenEV- it’s a no-noise, no-pollution smooth ride.”

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