Our customers share their experiences about owning an Altigreen EV

Khushboo Shinagare, founder of Vaara (Cold Chain Vehicle) says, “Electric 3 wheeler is the best solution for cold chain last mile delivery. The Altigreen electric three wheeler vehicle is best in class with a 120+ KM range on road with full load. The Altigreen electric 3 wheeler vehicle gets charged in just 3.5 hours. We have 80% more savings than diesel vehicles with electric three wheelers.”

Janardan, owner of Siddhanath Industries in Pune says, “Transport cost was high for us. The driving experience and pickup was good in the Altigreen electric three wheeler test drive. The daily range of Altigreen electric 3 wheeler is 100 KM. I am very happy with the savings through Altigreen electric tempos.”

Omkar, Warehouse in-charge of Desi Farms Pvt Ltd, says, "I am happy about shifting from diesel vehicles to Altigreen electric three wheeler for the delivery of my farm products. My delivery executives are now able to make timely deliveries with Altigreen electric tempos."

Prasuna from Green Zest Tech Solutions says, “After the test drive of the Altigreen electric three wheeler, we got satisfied and ordered the vehicle immediately. The good quality of Altigreen's electric commercial vehicle is the brake system. Brakes are excellent, Daily Mileage of 110 KM and I only charge once or twice a week.”

Ashish, P&G branch manager says, “The Altigreen electric three wheeler runs at a cost of Rs. 1.76 per KM. The cost-cutting is good. Diesel vehicles run at a cost of Rs. 3-4 per KM. I like the Altigreen electric 3 wheeler vehicle. Charging time is less and the electric loading capacity of Altigreen tempo is good.”

Santhosh, Altigreen electric three wheeler driver says, “I don’t feel any bodyache or tiredness while driving Altigreen electric tempo. If it was any other CNG vehicle, I wouldn’t be able to work, because of the Altigreen electric 3 wheeler I am able to drive peacefully.”

Ram Krishna, working in Filis Hospitality Venture says, “Altigreen electric three wheeler is pollution and noise free. Happy with Altigreen commercial electric vehicles and suggest others to buy.”

Mallikarjun, Product Manager of Natural Foods says, “Initially diesel vehicles and driver expenses are very high. Expenses reduce after purchasing Altigreen electric 3 wheeler cargo vehicles. The cost of single charge is very less in Altigreen electric tempo. Altigreen electric three wheeler easily covers 100 KM daily.”

Avinash from Big Smart Wash, laundry service says, “Altigreen electric cargo vehicles are pollution free. In this electric three vehicle, I don’t get any body pain. The Altigreen commercial vehicle is comfortable to drive."

Mohan Kumar owner of a  transportation company, says, “We tried a lot of vehicles, but Altigreen electric three wheelers give 100-110 KM range without any issue. Every day we are doing three trips on a single charge with Altigreen electric 3 wheeler. But, till now no Altigreen electric tempo driver has complained about the vehicle.”

Prasuna, Proprietor of Green Zest Tech Solutions, says, "I was completely satisfied after test driving the Altigreen EV and placed an order without wasting any time. The best features of the Altigreen EV are its braking system, mileage and excellent service support."

Devraj, Cluster Manager at Moeving says, "I am using 15 Altigreen vehicles every day and I am saving a good amount of money as compared to diesel vehicles. I am also happy that Altigreen vehicles are pollution-free."

Bharath, an MNC Employee says, “We thought of upgrading to electric commercial vehicles. My father has a business in the village. I took electric three wheeler vehicles for the fleet in other branches. I don’t face any problem with Altigreen electric tempos. On average, we load 600-800 KGs without any problems.”

Rahul  a vendor from Bhopal says, “When I used to drive a diesel vehicle, there were many complications, and the expenses were also very high. It would cost me an extra Rs. 300 to Rs.400 one-way for the transportation of the goods to my shop. But now, I can not only save that amount but can also travel 50 kms to 80 kms from morning to evening at a much lower cost. If I charge my EV once, it lasts me somewhere around 3 days. I am very happy with the AltigreenEV- it’s a no-noise, no-pollution smooth ride.”

One of the Onion Distributors says, “We do daily 10 to 15 trips and we used to spend Rs. 20,000 - 25,000 monthly on diesel. Now, we save 20,000 to 22,000 monthly with Altigreen electric three wheeler. It gets easily charged in 3.5 hours. It gives a 125 to 135 km range with a load in a single charge. It has wide tires and independent suspension which helps the vehicle move easily through narrow roads."

A milk distributor says, "After switching to electric three wheeler, I don’t need stand in diesel/CNG line. I save more after switching to the electric 3 wheeler. It has big tires for rural roads and smooth suspensions."

One of the beverage distributors says, "My electric three wheeler runs 100 to 120 KM daily. My muscle pain vanished after driving an Altigreen electric three wheeler. There is no need to make a cargo box from outside."

The water tank distributor says, "I’m able to do quick after-sales services from Altigreen three wheeler. The vehicle gets completely charged in three hours. Now Altigreen commercial vehicles are the right choice for me."

Ply Distributor says, "Altigreen commercial electric wheeler has big tires with good weight capacity. It gives comfortable rights on uneven roads. We save money, using an Altigreen electric three wheeler."

The Ayurvedic medicine distributor says, “Test drive was satisfying. Our daily fuel expenses of Rs. 250 were reduced to just rupees 50 or 60. Electric three wheeler has low maintenance cost. It gets easily charged in 3-3.5 hours."

Housekeeping products manufacturer and distributor says, “ We used to have electric tempos on rent for delivery, which was very costly, so we decided to go for an electric three wheeler. Altigreen electric cargo vehicle comes with an inbuilt body and gets charged in 3-3.5 hours."

The shopkeeper owner says, “Altigreen electric three wheeler has no noise. When we compared Altigreen's electric cargo vehicle and other Electric three wheeler on mobile, we realised there is no need to do extra modification as Altigreen provides vehicle with a cargo box. There is no maintenance like petrol and diesel vehicles in Altigreen electric three wheeler."

The bakery owner says, “Considering pollution and waiting periods on CNG lines, we thought of using a zero pollution vehicle. Altigreen electric 3 wheeler is suitable for bakery product distribution. It has good ground clearance. There is no noise in the vehicle. Altigreen gives 120+ KM range in a single charge. My sales increased after using the Altigreen electric 3 wheeler."

Vegetable vendor from Dadar market, Mumbai says, "Now monthly savings is Rs. 12,000 with Altigreen electric three wheeler cargo. A;tigreen electric tempo gets fully charged in 3-3.5 hours only. It covers a range of 110 to 120 KM in one charge. I am planning to buy one more Altigreen electric three wheeler”

A driver from Jalgaon District, says, “Altigreen electric three wheeler runs 125 KM once fully charged. There is no fatigue using Altigreen electric 3 wheeler and I drive vehicle 8 to 9 hours."

The grocery distributor says “I am using Altigreen electric three wheeler cargo. Altrigreen electric three wheeler range is 130 KM with load. It has a high ground clearance of 220mm. With the Altigreen electric 3 wheeler vehicle, it’s comfortable riding on uneven roads."

Automobile spare parts distributor says, “I am currently using Altigreen electric commercial wheeler to transport products. It is very cost efficient. With commercial electric wheeler, we are averaging around 10-15 trips a day. Our experience of using electric three wheeler is much better.”

Electric auto components distributor says, “Electric three wheeler has reduced the tension of timely delivery by 50%. It easily gets charged in 2 hours and runs 120 KM. Altigreen electric 3 wheeler made life stress-free. Altigreen electric cargo vehicle has helped in saving time.”

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