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Longest range proved!

On June 10th, Altigreen’s loaded Low Deck covered a distance of 147.7 km between Mysuru Palace and Bengaluru Palace on a single charge.

The ride was smooth and very special and proved the range, stability, and ruggedness of an Altigreen beyond doubt.

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As we geared up for an inter-city drive between Mysuru and Bengaluru the aim was to prove the range, stability, and ruggedness of an Altigreen. We started at 5.30 am on June 10th from Mysuru Palace. Loaded with 150 kilos of cargo, our Altigreen Low Deck covered a distance of 147.4 km on a single charge, wrapping up the journey at the iconic Bengaluru Palace, with 24% battery charge remaining.

Major milestones of this drive:

Drove 147.4 km on a single charge, causing zero range-anxiety.
Load of 150 kilos was carried on the Low Deck all through the drive.
A high ground clearance ensured a smooth drive all through the journey.
We covered the entire distance and had 24% charge still left in the vehicle.

Rapid charge in 15 minutes flat

Future Altigreen EV models will rapidly charge in 15 minutes flat with the e pack and e pump technology by Exponent Energy.

The technology supports charging EVs with any number of wheels and provides a 3,000-battery cycle-life warranty, all the while using affordable Li-ion cells (LFP) to make rapid charging truly economical and scalable.

Altigreen secures $40m in Series A

Commercial electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Altigreen Propulsion Labs Pvt Ltd has raised around ₹300 crores (about $40 million) in Series A funding. This was led by Sixth Sense Ventures, along with Reliance New Energy Ltd (a subsidiary of RIL), Xponentia Capital, Accurant International (USA), and Momentum Venture Capital (Singapore).

More solid funding pouring in ensures more robust R&D and pathbreaking innovation in the world of EVs. This will give a fresh boost to Altigreen in terms of its production capability and help establish an all-India network, making it a player to reckon with in the EV segment.

The funds have allowed Altigreen to significantly increase capacity, ramp up nationwide distribution by entering the B2C space, and accelerate R&D activity with the aim of refining technology and introducing new vehicle models.

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